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Are Baby Teeth Able to Get White Crowns?

It’s common for baby teeth, or primary teeth, to require restoration even though they will eventually fall out if they are broken or decaying. The reason for this is that primary teeth help in chewing, communication, and facial development, and they make room for permanent teeth.

A pediatric dental crown is the best treatment in certain cases, even if a tooth-colored filling usually works well when a large portion of the tooth’s structure is lost.

Children had very no choice but to get metal crowns in the past. However, there are now alternatives, and yes, children can have white crowns placed on their baby teeth, even though they’re still a good option for some teeth.

Stainless Steel Crowns

The most popular type of crowns for children’s teeth are still stainless steel crowns, sometimes referred to as metal crowns or silver crowns. Compared to some of the alternatives, they are less expensive, stronger, and more durable.

They are not, however, the greatest option for an anterior tooth—teeth in the front of the mouth—because of how noticeable they are when a youngster grins.

White-Fronted Metal Crowns

It is possible to make stainless steel crowns with a white front. When applied to the front teeth, this improves their aesthetics. From the front, the plastic material is affixed to the metal in such a way that it seems white.

This choice is typically limited to anterior crowns. The white front adds bulk to make the crown appear larger, even though it will look more natural than a stainless steel crown. Additionally, if your youngster grinds their teeth, the white face may chip and expose the metal underneath.

Composite Strip Crowns

The same composite material that is used for tooth-colored fillings is utilized to create resin crowns, sometimes known as composite strip crowns. Because it will fit in with your child’s grin and look natural, we suggest this option for an anterior crown.

White composite crowns are less bulky and more durable than white crowns. Additionally, we can fit the crown to your child’s tooth precisely, requiring minimal enamel removal during tooth preparation.

Zirconia Crowns

White porcelain or zirconia crowns are strong and attractive dental crowns. But at the moment, kids’ zirconia crowns are limited to prefabricated options. Unlike a composite crown, where the crown is made to suit the tooth, this crown must fit the tooth.

This indicates that the session is longer and that tooth pretreatment is more involved. Also prone to falling off are prefabricated zirconia crowns.

What Happens If a Child Gets a Crown for a Baby Tooth?

In general, this is how porcelain dental crowns on infant teeth work:

  • Once your child is anesthetizedand/or sedated, the dentist will remove any decay from the tooth and shape it to fit beneath the crown.
  • If your child needs a stainless steel crown, the dentist will decide on the appropriate size. They will polish it, then fill it with cement and push it onto the prepared tooth before removing any excess cement.
  • The dentist will make a composite white crown by filling a moldwith tooth-colored composite material and hardening it under a special curing light. When the crown is finished, they will apply glue to your child’s tooth.
  • After installing the stainless or composite crown, the dentist will examine your child’s bite and make any necessary adjustments.

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