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4 Tips to Select a Perfect Prom Dress For Yourself

For high school students, prom night is undeniably the most important and awaited event of the year. Every high school student dreams of looking their best at their prom night. It is, especially true for the girls

They start their prom dress shopping months before the event actually begins. But, it is not easy to select a prom dress with the countless options in front of you in the market. That’s why we have compiled a list of some tips that will help you select the best prom dress for yourself. Without wasting any time, let’s dig deeper into it.

1. Know Your Size

People usually do have an idea about the size of the clothes that fit them but little do they know the different brands have different size ranges and the size of one might fit them perfectly, but the same size from another brand might not even start to fit.

That’s why you should know your size, especially in all the major brands near your area. You can also check the sizing guide of Y2K clothing brands and know your size.

2. Study Your Body Type

Next, you will need to have detailed knowledge about different types of bodies and your particular body type. The most common body shapes and types include pear-shaped, the hourglass, shape, direct angular, the apple shape, and many more. The shape of the body is decided in accordance with the size of the shoulders, the size of the waist, and the size of the hips. The difference in width of all these areas of the body gives a particular shape to your body and you might be able to fit in a particular category of body types. In addition to these body shapes, you can also be categorized as petite, long, tall, rigid, bony, etc. in accordance with your bone structure in fat density. You can consult a stylist in order to know your body type for sure.

3. Select Something That Goes With Your Personality

You will look stunning in a prom dress if it is something that goes with your personality. If you have a very feminine personality then it is better to go for a Cinderella-themed prom dress, and if you are someone who is bold and outspoken, then you should better go with a more revealing outfit because you will be able to carry it more comfortably and with more confidence. You will naturally inherit more confidence wearing the clothes that match with your personality than the ones that do not.

4. Go For a Color That Lifts Your Skin Tone

You should know your skin tone, and even your undertone to select the perfect colour for your prom dress. If you have a warm skin tone and a warm undertone then warm colours would look best on you. This can include red, black orange, yellow, and many more.

Similarly, if you have a cooler tone and undertone then you would look best in cool colors like blues, pinks, and purples.

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